Scam mobile phone upgrade calls

We are aware of a scam operating in the UK where customers are called by individuals impersonating employees of legitimate mobile network operators and suppliers. Victims are offered early handset upgrades, or new contracts, at significant discounts. 

The scammers will try to get personal information including account details, passwords, and bank numbers. 

Scammers then place orders on behalf of victims, however, select a different handset to that requested and have it shipped to the customer’s address.

Upon receipt, scammers assure victims that this has been an error and instruct them to ‘return’ the handset to a different address, these addresses are usually residential.

Upon receiving the ‘returned’ handsets, the scammers cease contact and victims find themselves stuck with no phone and liable for the entirety of a new contract taken out in their name.


Although we are not aware of this scam operating on the island, if you do receive a call that concerns you please remember the following:

  • If you’re unsure that the person calling you is an official representative of the company they claim to be from, hang up and do not reveal any personal information.
  • Only ever contact your mobile network provider on a number you know to be correct - Sure 0808 1015247
  • For further advice and support, you can contact the States of Jersey Police on 01534 612 612 or via
  • Jersey Police - how to spot a scam
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