All about routers

We recommend that you choose a Sure-provided router, as they are pre-configured ready for use and in the event of technical difficulties our support staff can help you.

The routers we support are as follows;

  • Technicolour DGA4130

  • Technicolour DWA0120

  • Technicolour TG589

  • Technicolour TG588

  • Technicolour TG582N

Using a 3rd Party Router

You may use your own router and other equipment if you choose, but we are unable to offer you support for the set-up or faults. 

If you do have a query with any faults or issues with a router not supplied by Sure, our retail and/or contact centre will refer you to the router supplier’s website for further assistance.

See our other section on fixing broadband and WiFi problems at home too, by clicking here. 

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