NOTIFICATION: Price increases to calls, texts and data (landline and mobile) from 1st September

Sure would like to advise you that out of bundle rates are increasing from Tuesday 1st September 2020.

These changes only apply to usage outside of your inclusive bundle of minutes and data.

Call charges from landlines are increasing by 5%

All prices from mobiles are increasing by 5%

Click here for prices from landlines.

Click here for prices from mobiles.


Mobile Customers

If you are regularly receiving charges for out of bundle usage, you may be better off changing your plan or purchasing a Sure Calls Booster for £5.25 per month.  Please find details below:

Pay Monthly: Calls to Zone 1 are included in your pay monthly plan but if you dial other countries, you could make significant savings by purchasing a Calls Booster.

Pay As You Go Rewards: Calls and texts to local mobile numbers are included when you top up, so if you call landlines, the UK or elsewhere, you can save money by purchasing the Calls Booster.

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