Spend Limits - protection from bill shock when roaming

Posting on social media, checking emails, streaming YouTube videos or downloading favourite shows on Netflix—these can surprise you with roaming charges. It’s always best to check your allowances before you travel, so you can do all your favourite things without worrying about staying connected. We suggest the following 3 steps before you head off: 

1. Check if you have any roaming allowances included in your plan. 

You can find this information under your service details by logging in to your MySure account or by speaking to a member of our Customer Support team on 700700. 

2. If you need more data or don’t have roaming as standard on your plan but are eligible for one our roaming boosters, simply add one in three easy steps here 

3. Check your roaming allocation to ensure its sufficient to cover your needs whilst away, if not add a roaming booster. 

You can find this information under the Manage Spending Limits section of your service details by logging in to your MySure account or speak to a member of our Customer Support team on 700700

✨ Our Pay Monthly plans have Roaming Spend Limits that are set to £50 for calls and texts, and £50 for data.  We can increase or reduce these limits if you prefer. 

✨ If you’re a Pay As You Go customer, you’ll need to top up your credit to use your phone abroad, our plans come with roaming inclusions when you top up from £10. 


How can I protect myself from large roaming bills?

There are lots of things you can do to help minimise your data usage when away to avoid using it too quickly or running up any unexpected bills.  Here are our top tips on managing data usage whilst you’re abroad: 

  1. When you’re not using mobile data, turn it off from your settings menu.  If it’s not switched off, your apps and emails will update in the background using data that may incur charges. 
  2. Connect to WiFi when its available.  It’s usually free to use, but you should still check as some places charge for WiFi. 
  3. Turn off your location services, background updates and WiFi Assist unless you really need them for maps as they can run up charges even when your mobile data is off. 
  4. Always check the phone numbers you are calling or receiving calls from; certain numbers can incur additional costs.
  5. When roaming ( or abroad) 0800 free phone numbers are chargeable at the standard roaming call rate.
  6. You could be charged for accessing your voicemail, so you may want to turn it off whilst away. Here’s more information on how to use your voicemail while travelling. 
  7. If you need to contact us when you are away just call +44 1481 727100. 
  8. If you want to be extra sure that you’re not being charged for roaming, contact us and we’ll put a block on your data roaming before you leave. 

✨ Optional Extra:

Add data boosterthey are available from £5 for 2GB of UK & EU data2GB is great for a weekend getaway, whilst 5GB and 10GB would be best for longer trips.

Boosters offer an inexpensive way to stay connected whilst off island and can be added to your plan in three easy steps.

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