What am I charged for and how?

For all mobile call, text, data and roaming charges, please visit the call charges page.

Call Charges

All calls are charged per minute, so a 100 second call would be charged for 2 mins (120 seconds).

Text Charges

A single text message can be up to 160 characters long. If you send a text that is more than 160 characters long you will be charged for multiple messages (eg. 180 characters would be charged as two messages, 400 characters charged as three messages, etc). 

Data Charges

Data is charged when your mobile uses the internet (unless you are connected to WiFi) by making a data session each time your phone uses the mobile internet automatically. E.g. receiving an email, or when you choose to use the internet by browsing or downloading something. Apart from any data allowance that is free or included in your plan, while on the Sure network, data is charged on a per data session basis and per 1MB.

PAY MONTHLY ONLY: Inclusions are per month unless otherwise stated. Minimum Data usage charge of 1024KB (from Jul 16). Please note you can use up to an additional 204.8MB (£20.00) of data per month before your data is barred..

If you are on a plan without data included, and want to control your spend on data, we advise you switch off your data when not using it as data sessions can run in the background which you may not have expected.

This process for switching data off can vary from phone to phone but in general you will find your settings. 


Using inclusive calls, data & texts

Sure pay monthly mobile plans include a pre-determined amount of calls, texts and (sometimes) data, which you will have been informed about when you signed your contract with us.

This can only be used when you are connected to the Sure network in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man.

If you need to check what is included in your plan, please call us on 0808 10 15 247.

If you are roaming abroad or are connected to a different network, the included calls, data and texts cannot be used and you will be charged.

Using included calls

When you are connected to the Sure network, included calls can be used to call all mobiles and landlines regardless of operator in Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and UK (excluding calls to services with numbers starting 03, 05, 08 and 09).

Included minutes are charged per minute.

Using included texts

Texts can be sent to any destination in the world (excluding premium rate texts) but you must be connected to the Sure network in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man.

Using included data

Included data can only be used when you are connected to the Sure network in Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

Included data is charged in 1MB increments.

Roaming Charges

Please visit the Roaming section of our website to find all the destinations you can roam in and how much it will cost.


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