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Data Roaming Spend Limits

Data Roaming Spend limits (Pay Monthly customers)

Sure offers you a range of roaming data limits (from Small to Extra Large) depending upon how much data you wish to use in each zone (a list of roaming zones is located here). This will allow you a monthly quota of megabytes in each zone. The rate you are charged for the data is dependent upon the tariff and boosters you take. This service is available free of charge, all you pay for is the amount of data you use.

The following table shows the available data roaming limits in megabytes.

The limit of each zone is independent from one another which means that on a "Small" limit you can use 40MB in Zone 1 destinations within a single month and another 40MB within zone 2 destinations. This only impacts you if you are travelling between zones rather than changing country within the same zone – a list of roaming zones is located here.

These volume limits provide the following values in pounds based on our standard roaming rates:


These limits will reduce if you have purchased a Roaming Booster and if you are taking a booster, you may want to increase your limit to be able to use even more data when roaming. Purchase boosters here.



Roaming spend limits (Pay As You Go customers)

We have automatically put a 'Medium' limit in place for you, to help you control the amount you spend when using data whilst you are abroad (including UK). This means the most you can spend on data roaming is £50 in Zones 1&2 and £60 in Zone 3. Other limits are available and detailed above, please contact us if you wish to change your limit.  Boosters for reduced rates are not currently available for pay as you go but watch this space!

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