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Roaming Boosters (Pay Monthly only)

Do I need a travel booster?

If you are a Pay Monthly customer you can buy one of our roaming boosters which will reduce costs when roaming. Our boosters are totally flexible and easy to add and remove from your service. You can buy a booster either as a one-off for your holiday or recurring for frequent travellers.

Roaming Booster
Our Data Booster includes even greater value for money with discounts across Europe and some of the top destinations travelled to by our customers for just £5.00 per calendar month.

Our  roaming booster includes data for 10p/MB, and 50% off calls and texts plus free to receive in Zones 1 & 2.

Smart Roamer Booster

gives even more value for money if you are a regular traveller.  It costs £20 per month on a 12mth contract and gives you 500MB of data to use in the UK, 25p/MB in Zone 2 and 50% off all other data prices worldwide.  Plus 50% of calls and texts and free to receive in Zones 1 - 4.

To purchase a travel booster click here.

Activating and cancelling boosters

A booster may take up to 48 hours to be applied and we will send you an email once it is live; until then you will be charged at our standard rates. 

Please note: Boosters will remain on your account until you tell us you want to remove them by calling or emailing us.


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