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The call charges listed below apply to the SureDial service.  Click here to see call charges for the Home Phone Line service. 

Key savings:

  • 50% off landline calls to Portugal, Madeira, Poland, Rep. Ireland, South Africa, France, Spain, USA and Canada
  • FREE calls to all Sure Jersey mobiles
  • 35% off calls to any other local mobile
  • 25% off UK and Guernsey landlines starting with 01, 02 or 03
  • Local landline calls capped at 10p for the first hour
  • 10% off local landline, UK mobile calls
  • Average of 10% off international landline and mobile calls
  • In addition you only pay 5p minimum call charge (instead of 7p charged by JT)

Here are a selection of the most popular destinations our customers like to call and how much they will cost to call once you're using SureDial. The figures in brackets show you what JT would charge* so you can see how much you'd save using our FREE SureDial service. Prices are published exclusive of GST

Local & UK numbers

UK mobile (daytime) - 23p (JT 25p)

UK mobile (evening) - 14p (JT 15p)

UK mobile (weekend) - 12p (JT 13p)

Sure mobiles - FREE (JT 12p)

Other Jersey mobiles - 8p (JT 12p) 

Important: Calls to non-geographic locations are charged at the service provider’s rate plus a 10p per minute access charge.

Popular European destinations

Portugal landline - 5p (JT 10p)

Portugal mobile - 27p (JT 30p)

Poland landline - 10p (JT 21p)

Poland mobile - 19p (JT 21p)

Rep. Ireland landline - 3p (JT 7p)

Rep. Ireland mobile - 27p (JT 30p)

France landline - 3p (JT 7p)

France mobile - 27p (JT 30p)

Spain landline - 3p (JT 7p)

Spain mobile - 27p (JT 30p)

Further afield

Australia landline - 7p (JT 8p)

Australia mobile - 19p (JT 21p)

Gambia (mobile & landline) - 71p (JT 79p)

Thailand (mobile & landline) - 27p (JT 30p)


*Based on the JT Coreline peak rate and are applied 24 hours a day. They are not based on JT evening or weekend rates nor are they based on rates to which JT have applied a discount. Correct as at 23rd July 2015.

Directory Enquiries



Connection charge

Price per min

Directory enquiries

118 113



Directory enquiries

118 118



Directory enquiries

118 161



Directory enquiries

118 163



Directory enquiries

118 200



Directory enquiries

118 212



Directory enquiries

118 247



Directory enquiries

118 500



Directory enquiries

118 505



Directory enquiries

118 535



Directory enquiries

118 661



Directory enquiries

118 695



Directory enquiries

118 811



Directory enquiries

118 888



Directory enquiries

ALL other 118 numbers



For a full list of call charges to non-geographic or premium rate numbers, please  click here . Once open, press CTRL-F to search for the applicable call charge by entering the first 6 digits of the number being dialled. Calls are charged at providers rates plus a 10 pence per minute access charge.

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