Lost and Stolen

If your phone is lost or stolen

1. Call us immediately on 01481 757779

It is vital that you call us as soon as you realise your phone is missing. Very often, thieves are more interested in the SIM card than the handset and can run up thousands of pounds of calls in a short space of time. You are liable for all charges incurred before you report it to us.

The police do not automatically share lost and stolen reports, so it is important you report it to both Sure and the local police separately.

When you let us know that your mobile phone is missing, we can put a stop on your account to prevent it from being misused. If you do find your phone again, we can reverse that block, so it’s better to be cautious. We can also move your mobile telephone number from the SIM card in your misplaced phone to another SIM card (in a different mobile phone) which means you will be able to continue using your Sure mobile service as normal.

2. Report your lost or stolen phone to the police

It is important that you report your missing mobile phone to the police. Please note that if you are outside of the Isle of Man you still need to report the loss to a police station in the area. They will take the details and give you a crime reference number to aid in any subsequent insurance claim. They will also take your details in the event that your mobile phone is found. Please be aware that Sure will not provide a covering letter for any insurance claims.

3. Report your lost or stolen phone to Immobilise at

We recommend that you register your mobile phone with Immobilise. They will then be able to log that your mobile phone is missing and, if found, the police will be able to identify the phone as yours. Please note that Sure is not associated or affiliated in any way with Immobilise.

How to find out if any calls have been made from your phone

Pay Monthly customers: call us on 08080 1015247 and we can send a copy of any calls made on your phone to your billing address.  Unfortunately we cannot provide details of calls over the phone.

Pay As You Go customers: unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide any information about calls made from your mobile phone.  However, we can still stop the phone from being used so any remaining credit can be saved.






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