What is a part-period charge?

Rentals and plans are charged in advance, but usage is charged for the previous month in arrears.

Part Period Charges/Credits are generated when a plan is switched part way through the month.

We will credit you for the remainder of the month for the old plan (as you paid that in advance) and we will charge you for the remainder of the month for the cost of the new plan.

On this example the customer changed from a Smart 5GB (2015) to the Smart 2GB (2017) on 15th July and the handset plan also changed.


On his August bill we have refunded the July period (15th – 31st) for the Smart 5GB and the handset plan that was paid for in advance on his previous bill.

We then charged him for the Smart 2GB from 15th – 31st July.

On this occasion, as he downgraded, he ended up with a credit, but if you upgrade you will see it as a charge.

We also charged him the full current month’s rental for his new Smart 2GB plan shown under the Rental Summary section;



 The credit or debit for the part period charges/credits is shown on the summary of the bill under “other charges”* along with “rental charges”;




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