iPhone guide

Here are a few key pointers to get you started with your iPhone (based on iOS 10), including:

  • Mobile Internet for iPhone                                              
  • Voicemail for iPhone                                 
  • Controlling Data usage for iPhone                                        
  • Roaming for iPhone  


If you would like further information, please follow the link below for Apple's own full user guide for iPhone.

iPhone apple user guide

Set up mobile internet for iPhone (normally this is automatic)


    1. Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options
    2. Voice & Data - you can choose 2G, 3G or 4G (4G is faster and uses data quicker)
    3. Mobile Data Network - Enter the following settings: APN:          internet
    4. Username: Leave blank
    5. Password:  Leave blank
    6. After the above settings have been entered, return to the settings menu. You may need to switch to airplane mode and back again.
Attention: Performing an operating system upgrade might erase your APN settings and they will need to be re-entered as shown above.

Set up LTE for iPhone (enable device for 4G data - faster but uses your data quicker)

    1. Settings > Mobile Data > Set up LTE

Follow the same instrctions for mobile internet as above, scroll down to Set Up LTE

Voicemail for iPhone  To set up the mailbox facility, simply follow these steps:

    1. Dial **004*171##
    2. Now dial 171 and follow the instructions to change your security password and record a greeting (your password is initially set as 0000) Now, every time you miss a call, it will divert to your mailbox. You will receive an SMS notification on your mobile each time someone leaves you a message.

To listen to your messages, simply dial 171 and listen. Visual Voicemail is not available on the Sure network. To configure the dedicated voicemail button on your iPhone:

    1. Dial *5005*86*171#
    2. Press the call button.

Your voicemail button should now work.  

Controlling data usage for iPhone

Smartphones are data-hungry devices and you may find it comforting to control their data-use to prevent running up large bills once you've used your allocated data allowance. Modern phones often use data connections in the background for updates, syncing and other functions that you may not be aware of. All of these functions will affect your data allowance unless you connect via WiFi.

We also recommend that you turn off WiFi Assist as it accesses data when the WiFi signal is not strong enough and this can happen without your knowledge.

Settings>Mobile Data >Wi-Fi Assist (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Get More Data

If you regularly break out of your monthly allocation and expect to continue doing so, your safest option is to upgrade to a Smart plan, giving you a set amount of data use for a fixed monthly price.

Not too sure which plan you should choose? Use our handy tool to estimate your usage of data per month to help pick the Pay Monthly plan that's right for you.

iPhone data use

Controlling data usage on an iPhone isn't easy, as few suitable tools are packaged with it as standard. There are apps available to help you control your data; search iTunes or the App Store to find something suitable. Although offering little control, you can monitor your overall usage:   Open apps > General > Usage

Near the bottom you should find data-usage. If you haven't used it before, you may find the figure very high. You'll need to 'reset statistics' and return at a later date in order to get an idea of what you've used for that period of time. If you're worried that you might over use data, you can always switch off network data entirely. This means you will have to rely on WiFi connections for any required data transfer until you turn it back on: Settings>Mobile Data> Turn Mobile Data to 'OFF'


Roaming - how to turn off data abroad 

Roaming rates apply for data-use when not on the Sure network. Due to the amount we are charged by other operators, data use while abroad can be very expensive.

If you have your phone set to automatically receive and send emails, update applications or otherwise connect to the internet, it is recommended that you turn these features off when you are abroad to avoid large roaming charges. You can do this by turning off data access on your phone. There are several ways for iPhone users to control data access when away from home.

Switch off 'data when roaming'

Settings > Mobile Data > Turn Data Roaming to 'OFF'

Please note that this process will only prevent data use outside of the UK. You will still be charged roaming rates within the UK when not connected to the Sure network.

Switch off email downloads

Settings >Mobile Data > Mail > Turn this to 'OFF'

There are many more apps if you scroll down that can be turned off when roaming to prevent unexepected automatic updates which could add charges to your bill.


(NB:  Due to the nature of the device, we cannot guarantee that you will not incur data charges when roaming non-Sure networks.)


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