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NEW - 4G Broadband


Our 4G Broadband service provides the internet over our high speed 4G mobile network without the need for a home phone line.  

It's ideal for short-term workers, returning students and those that want instant connectivity without the commitment to a long contract, although we do have options for 12, 24 and 1 month rolling terms. 

We have based the amount per month of 200GB on an average household's usage.  It's designed for internet shopping, emails, Skype, online banking etc., but not best suited for gamers, flat shares with multiple people trying to access it, SKY Q, or anything that downloads a lot of content.

You need to purchase the router and the cost depends on the length of commitment you want to sign up for starting at £29.00.

The plan is always £29.99 per month for 200GB and an average speed of 16Mbps.

You will receive texts on your router to keep you posted on how much data you have left and if you run out, you can order a booster by texting us back.  Your monthly 200GB allowance will re-set on the 1st of each month and boosters last 30 days. 


To log into the router settings, open your web browser and enter into the address bar. When prompted, the default username and password to log in to the router settings is "admin".
To read or send a text select "SMS" from the left hand side of the screen. You can order an extra 50GB of data for £5.00 by selecting "New Message", enter 12001 as the Phone Number you are sending to, and in the message just type "More Data" and it hit SEND. 







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