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How much will Sure Home Phone cost? The Home Phone Line service will be charged at £12.49 per month. Call charges are available in store and online - click here 

Should I expect any short term interruption to my service during the transfer to Sure?
No, you will not notice an interruption to your service.

Can I keep my current number?
Yes you can keep your current landline number.

Can I be ex-directory

Yes.  If you are ordering online, under the Optional Extras section you can select to be ex-directory.

If you do not check this box then your entry will be included in the JT phone book.

Once I’ve placed my landline order with Sure, do I need to notify or contact JT for any reason?
We will process the landline order on your behalf as well as notify JT that you have requested to move your service to Sure. The only reason that you may need to contact JT is to confirm that you have fulfilled any current contractual obligation with them.

Will an engineer from JT or Sure need to visit my property to complete the transfer from JT to Sure?

No, if you currently have a working landline and would like to transfer this service to Sure, it’s only an administration task for both providers. However, if you require a new landline, an engineering visit may be required.

What is involved in the transfer? How long will it take?
You can order in store or online - click here.
We will do the rest, keeping you posted on progress. The transfer to Sure should take between 5 to 10 days however due to high demand there may be a backlog at first which means this may take longer than usual.

I have a Horizon unit, can I get the Sure Landline?
Unfortunately those with a Horizon unit cannot currently switch to Sure.

Can I keep my current number?
Yes you can keep your current landline number.

What will happen to things like caller ID, call waiting and other landline features?
Standard line features as they are currently provided by JT in the core line product will still be available through Sure. The charges for those are available in store or online.

I am a SureDial customer; will I be switched to the Sure Landline product automatically?
No, you will need to apply for the landline product directly as each of these services utilise different technology to deliver a call.

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