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What happens when a bill is not paid

Unpaid bill process

When a bill has been sent to you but payment is not received by the stated date, we will apply the following procedure:

  • If you do not pay your bill by the end of the month in which it was issued, we will send you a reminder stating that payment must be made within 7 days of the date of the reminder
  • If payment is not received after the 7 day reminder, we will disconnect your telephone service and it will not be reconnected until we have received full payment of the outstanding amount
  • When paying by cheque, payment will be deemed to be received when the cheque is received at our offices
  • We will also make a charge for restoring your service as detailed below – Reconnection charge
  • We reserve the right to charge a late payment fee.

If you do not pay the outstanding amount after your service has been disconnected, your contract with us will be terminated and legal action will be initiated to recover the debt.

We may pass the outstanding amount (including any late payment fee or interest charges) to a debt collection agency to collect the money on our behalf.

Information about your debt may be shared with other organisations that give credit.

Please note that a charge will be incurred for any subsequent re-provision of telephone service.

Reconnection charge

If your telephone service is disconnected because of an unpaid bill, it will not be reconnected until we have received full payment of the outstanding amount. We will also add a charge of £30.00 to your next bill for restoring your service.

Late payment charges

Late payment charges are required to minimise the cost incurred by collecting late bill payments. Your monthly bill shows the latest date that payment is due before late payment charges are incurred.

Direct debits are usually collected on the last working day of each month, as shown on your bill.  This payment is free: however, if unsuccessful, payment will be required by another method which may incur a charge.


Customer type Monthly late payment charge
Residential    £7.50
SME (Small Medium Enterprise)   £15.00
Corporate  £75.00

 All prices exclude GST.

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